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Pardon Us

by Pardon Us

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released February 3, 2017


all rights reserved



Pardon Us Liverpool, UK

Pardon us are a pop-punk band from Liverpool who formed in 2014. Some of their members have also played in Flamingo 50, the Down and Outs and Town Bike. They can be seen on the bills of DIY gigs, festivals and all-dayers around the UK, and are often compared to Jawbreaker, J Church and Off With Their Heads. Debut album coming soon.

Morgan - Guitar
Alex - Bass
Gabby - Drums
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Track Name: Goodnight Adam 12
Sold! To the young man with no future
To the young man getting older
Sign your lie away, and pray that we don't sink together
So, you sold yourself on down the river
Enslaved to the never never
Well don't look now - we're heading into nasty weather
And we'll settle for any port in a storm

So long, goodnight
It's been nice to know you
Look out! Hold tight!
We've a storm to go through
Full speed ahead
Through the strife and suffering
Sailing off the edge of nothing

Wait! Have you made the right decision?
And is there any other option?
Not a shore in sight, and bailing out's out of
the question
Hey! Time to show some real conviction
Clinging to your chosen station
Shut up and knuckle down,
or walk the plank into oblivion
And you can't say that you weren't warned...
Track Name: Sleepwalk
Stopped for a minute, only for a minute
Rested my eyes, next thing I knew
Looks like I did it
dropped myself right in it
Tell me it's a dream,
'cos it can't be true
I was drifting.
Seemed no sense in lifting
a finger just yet,
I had time to throw away
So I threw it. Man, I fucking blew it.
Got to wake and face the day

How the hell did I get here
In this unfamiliar place?
Shut my eyes half a life ago
Now I'm waking up with egg on my face
All this talk of tough choices and responsibility
It's like a lullaby to me

Stopped for a second, only for a second
Rested my head and I woke up here
Wait just a second, this isn't what I reckoned
I'm losing track of everything that I hold dear
I was snoozing. Seemed no sense in losing any
precious sleep - thought the years were on my side
But they're against me. The hour glass is empty
And there's nowhere left to hide

I don't want to wake up, so I'll just keep sleepwalking on
Gone to wrong to fix up, so I'll just keep sleepwalking on
Yeah I fucked it all up, so I'll just keep sleepwalking on
Track Name: Carry On
You say you've had it - you wanna give in
And settle down to some easy living
You've lost the heart to do this anymore
And you remember
All the fuck-ups and frustrations
All the squats and service stations
But you'll be coming back, and I know for sure

Knock us down, but we still don't die
People ask us why we even try
But you and me, we're not the same as everyone
All my brothers and my sisters too
I still remember all I've learned from you
And to you I dedicate this song
We'll just carry on

We'd find problems and lose money
We'd work so hard it's not even funny
The good old days weren't all so good, it's true
But I remember
The pulses pounding, the ears ringing
The perfect sound of people singing
All those words you wrote right back at you
Track Name: Flightless
The less you tried, the more you succeeded
'Cos you've been handed everything you ever needed
All you desire, served on a silver platter
And other's lives never even mattered

And I've seen you at the top
As you spit down in my eye
But I will see you at the bottom
And I'm gonna tell you why

You've got no fear - you've never dreamed of failing
'Cos skies are clear, and all the way has been plain sailing
Above us all, you're looking so disdainful
But may your fall be swift and fucking painful

And I've seen you at the top
As you spit down in my eye
But I will see you at the bottom
When you realise
you don't know how to fly
Track Name: OHM
Well, the Liver building looms
Over the River Mersey's banks
Then our feet touch hallowed pavement
And we give our grateful thanks
Let's head up to Maguire's for some music, food and beer
The Beatles moved to London
Pardon Us? We're staying here

Go out and find new frontiers
Travel far and wide, take the world in your stride
Make sure the road leads back here
Roam all you can roam, but there's no place like home

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