Time Gentlemen Please

from by Pardon Us



Put your pint down lad, you've had enough
Put your pint down lad, you're looking rough
Put your pint down lad, you're not so tough, and it's time for you to go home

We were having lots of fun until you got here
And I've a feeling that the fun is gonna stop here
No inhibition, you're on a mission
To bring us all right down
A couple of drinks and you're spoiling for a pint now
Just can't wait to ruin everybody's night now
So what's the big plan? Think you're a big man
But you're a fucking clown

And that's not fear upon our faces
It's just embarrassment you see
Yeah, 1,2,3...

All your mates have been passing round the pills yeah
And now you're swaying, looking green around the gills yeah
You look a little sick, you fucking little prick
It's time to call a cab
And I don't care where it takes you
As long as it's away from me
Yeah, 1,2,3...

Put your pint down
And drink some water
And call a taxi
And fuck off home.


from Time Gentlemen Please, released July 15, 2015
Pardon Us, Jane Slavin & Helen Chambers


all rights reserved



Pardon Us Liverpool, UK

Pardon us are a pop-punk band from Liverpool who formed in 2014. Some of their members have also played in Flamingo 50, the Down and Outs and Town Bike. They can be seen on the bills of DIY gigs, festivals and all-dayers around the UK, and are often compared to Jawbreaker, J Church and Off With Their Heads. Debut album coming soon.

Morgan - Guitar
Alex - Bass
Gabby - Drums
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