Theresa May Not

by Pardon Us

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A tribute to the most deluded PM in British history


released December 3, 2018

Written by Pardon Us
Recorded and mixed by Mark Magill
Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory


all rights reserved



Pardon Us Liverpool, UK

Pardon us are a pop-punk band from Liverpool who formed in 2014. Some of their members have also played in Flamingo 50, the Down and Outs and Town Bike. They can be seen on the bills of DIY gigs, festivals and all-dayers around the UK, and are often compared to Jawbreaker, J Church and Off With Their Heads. Debut album coming soon.

Morgan - Guitar
Alex - Bass
Gabby - Drums
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Track Name: Theresa May Not
Well, the women run the kitchen while the men go off to war.
A baseless pride wells up inside from palace down to factory floor.
So polish up the silverware, the vicar’s round for tea.
That’s how we live in this 1950’s middle-england fantasy.
Theresa may not understand quite why we’d rather not choke down this white-bread lie.
When national identity’s the issue of the day, next thing you know the sound of jackboots marching can’t be far away.
Will the d***y m**l disciples finally feel at home at last in a dreary inbred backwater in thrall to its colonial past?
Theresa may not notice right away, but the fascists, they get bolder by the day.
Theresa may not realise what’s wrong as long as power’s in her hands.
Theresa may not wake up till we take control and read out our demands.
You wanna take a stand?
Having swallowed every line concerning European laws, we chose splendid isolation from the scary world beyond our shores.
The train that we called progress has been stopped right in its tracks since we opted to legitimise these pricks who want their country back.
Theresa may not even be awake as she steers us towards the cliff without a brake.
Theresa may not or Theresa may, but eventually we’re gonna have our say.
Track Name: Something True (B side)
It’s a lie, it’s a lie, it’s a fucking lie, every word i hear from you.
Gonna sing this song for the whole day long till you tell us something true.
Peddling the poison just to keep us scared, now the sickness is spreading and you just don’t care.
Poisoning the people, poisoning the air with the hateful shit you spew.
Who we have to hate, who we have to fear.
An undefined threat always hovering near.
Everyone’s an enemy if they don’t adhere to your narrow-minded view.
it’s not just a difference of opinion, when i can say with objectivity…

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