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by Pardon Us

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Undertow 02:32
The waves hit hard, And they leave you flailing Bruised and scarred, You feel as though You can't help failing But take a breath.  Take a look at all you've done You're scared to death But there's so much more Life yet to come Undertow, Don't get caught up in the Undertow Fight against the current's flow Undertow, Don't get caught up in the  Undertow You're the strongest one I know It's been a fucked up year, And it's enough to drag you down But you're still here. It helps to know You're sticking 'round I've been lost at sea And I could die out here But you're a burning light To guide me safely To the shore
Tattered hopes and faded dreams Worn and parting at the seams Tired tropes in jaded scenes Cynicism's in the air Old ideals seem so naive Critics laughing up their sleeve Without a reason to believe It gets difficult to care And if you've heard it all before, That's 'cos we've said it all before And we still say it, 'cos it still needs saying Say "why don't you pack it in 'Cos you know you'll never win You'll never make it" But that's not the game we're playing Trusty chords and urgent words Raw and real, sublime, absurd By the masses still unheard But they reach the proud, the few I've found a place I wanna be In this fucked-up family Basement screams sustaining me Playing loud and fast and true And if you've heard it all before, That's 'cos we've sung it all before And we still sing it, 'cos it still needs singing So let's just turn it up to ten And play that chorus round again Over and over, until your ears are ringing This voice is all we have
I'm up against the ropes In my fight with time Seems like every single day That passes, I'm A little more sick, A little more sore A little more scared Than I was before Regrets I've had more than a few It's like a weight pushing down As I'm sucked into The bottomless pit Of my blackest shame And there's no-one but myself That I can blame Every stupid word I've said Will replay in my head 'Til the inevitable day When my wits desert me I swallow down the panic And I force a smile But what doesn't kill me Seriously hurts me At the edge of the abyss I've been stood like this  Since I nearly lost an arm When I turned thirty Convince myself I'm fine About half the time But what doesn't kill me Seriously hurts me
To, Two, Too 02:33
When the world, Doesn’t like you, You’re an anomaly in their eyes. So they fight, Just to hold you, Under insolence And blackened skies. They are scared, They are frightened, What they don’t know They cast as lies. But a truth, It can hold you, Their perception’s own demise. Don’t ever let them hold you down Here we exist, Let’s eighty-six and hit the ground Come hell or high water, We all have to take that dive. The wagon’s just a scapegoat, Lift the veil on those rolling by. A cold shoulder, Or a buck passed It’s an easy out for idle eyes. Sleeping dogs, In the green room, Can’t count The blessings in disguise
Grace 01:58
Your effortless grace, Your radiant smile, The way that you walk With inherent self conviction, And for you the sun will rise, While here I lie, I’m just a skeleton. The effortless grace, That radiant smile, Carefully constructed Blankets whats inside, And every day the sun will rise, Behind this false truth, Masking reality. Your effortless grace, Subverting isolation, We can walk together With collective self conviction, And every day the sun will rise, And every stray, Deserves a part of it.
Safety Net 02:37
Do you think that it’s funny That you and I Could fall on hard times? Tell me if you’ve heard it before. Do you think that dividing line Is so defined That when the world caves in, It’ll leave you in the pink? It’s just a sign of the times I guess. You used to know, It’s easy to forget, What you’re owed, Without your safety net. Does it make you Sick to your stomach? Tell me how you feel When you’re really fucking ill, Then they tell you That they’re holding all the pills And you ain’t getting better Til you pay the fucking bill. How your life can change in a day. How the world can make you pay. It could be any one of us. It’s just a sign Of their crime I guess.
No more negativity It leaves a bitter taste And make sure that a sickly smile Stays plastered to your face All your protests yield no progress, All your efforts go to waste Just learn your role the happy prole And know your fucking place And don't look down There's nothing wrong, So don't look down We're strong and stable, Safe and sound Even as we plummet to the ground Don't look down Revolt brings retribution And dissent breeds disarray And it's a sin suggesting We're to blame in any way The tabloids are your bible Heed the gospel, kneel and pray You too can find salvation If you just learn to obey Said there's nothing wrong So we can't be falling No, you didn't hear that engine stalling Through the panic, There's a voice still calling "Please remain calm, buckle up, and..."
Laugh It Up 02:23
See us lining up at food banks Ashen-faced and drained of pride And from your Silk-upholstered sanctum You can't help But see the funny side Laugh it up while you can Laugh it up while you still can Let's see if you still think it's funny When all your plans Have gone to seed Let's see if fat cats can still scarper Let's see if blue blood can still bleed And all your power and privilege And all the fortune you've found And all the suck-ups and sycophants Won't help you out this time around
In The Loop 02:10
With a click the tape starts over The nightmare never ends As we remake The same old mistakes Over and over And over and over again We'll torch the bridges And then turn on all our friends And embrace deceit, Prepare for defeat Over and over again The dust cloud settles On the wreckage of our plans Pieced together brick by brick Then torn apart by our own hands We sit and shake our heads In disbelief and then It slowly starts to dawn on us We've fucked it up again How did we end up in this bitter, Bloody mess? It it cultural masochism?  Morbid terror of our own success? As our opponents duck for cover, Run and hide We will celebrate our victory With murder-suicide And we never ever learn Just light it up and watch it burn
Here & Now 02:10
I find a way to talk to you Feels like never, is ever enough Searching signals for a single clue Just feel like vanishing When things get rough So i bury my head in the sand To miss this day for now What ever happened To the here and now? Now i wake up its another year I rub my eyes And wonder where i am Feels like i missed it all But I’m still here It’s time to shake it off And make a plan So I’m standing in front of it all To catch a second chance
Please wait up for me Leave a light on in the hallway To make sure I can see 'Cos it's dark outside And I nearly lost my way 'Cos there were demons by the roadside And they're leading me astray And they say Dance with us now Or you'll never find out how Don't try to turn and run away, And they say Dance with us now Or you'll never find out how But there's a light on In the hallway And it's bringing me back home There's a place for me A place that calls out in the darkness When I've fallen on my knees 'Cos it's cold outside And I nearly lost my mind 'Cos I was holding on to demons That I should've left behind
We think of strong personalities Standing tall and permanent as trees In firmly-rooted forests Growing ever toward the sun  But sometimes those That seem so strong Sing a courageous, lonely song O'er desert dunes, A plaintive tune that echoes to no-one And it never occurred to me That the next word could be  The last word There comes a day, Not everyday, We get a sense something's Slipped away And put aside our busy lives To hear the song at last We prick our ears and wait around, But the next note never sounds And before we know, The final tone has faded to the past And the song disappeared Because we weren't there to hear The last word


released August 21, 2020


all rights reserved



Pardon Us Liverpool, UK

Pardon Us are a punk band from Liverpool.


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